Team Beamon Official Boxers


Gregory "Reignman" Smith Jr, born in North Carolina. Trained by his father who was a tough man and street fighting champion in NC. Gregory has three years amateur mixed martial arts (MMA) under his belt, he strives to surpass his fathers legacy to make a name for himself and to also support his family through boxing. In his free time he trains always bettering his fight game.


Manager: Dewayne Beamon

Being apart of the Beamon team is one of the biggest accomplishments in my life to date
— Gregory "Reignman" Smith Jr

Upcoming Events

I’m just trying to do something special for the city of Tarboro.
— JacQuan "King" Townes

JacQuan "King" Townes (1987-)

Born and raised in Tarboro, NC. He graduated from Tarboro High School in 2007 and enlisted into the United States Marine Corps following graduation. JacQuan served six years in the military as a Motor Transport Marine and completed one tour in Afghanistan during the duration of his time served. He is very family-oriented and a proud father of two beautiful girls, which is where his motivation and drive stems from. JacQuan started boxing in 2013 and became a Professional Boxer on May 20, 2016. His record is currently 1-1.


Manager: Dewayne Beamon